[Customer Case] Fortune-500 Bank Needs IAM insights at scale

December 04, 2023 identity data analytics, iga

Customer Profile 👀

  • Fortune-500 bank
  • About 35k Employees
  • Highly Mature IGA Deployment (+5 Years)
  • European Bank
  • About 6k Employees
  • Highly Mature IGA Deployment (5+ Years)


A multinational retail company has multiple identity systems which have diverged, leading to inconsistencies, issues in provisioning workflows and large overhead for the helpdesk. 

The IAM team tried to perform root cause analysis with manual data exports and Excel sheets., which resulted in many complex data questions without answers and no correct estimation of cyber security risks.Fortune-500 bank has a mature IGA deployment with many systems connected and much data present, but many users still have not received the information they need. 

  • System owners: who can access my application?

  • IAM expert: what should I put in a role for team X?

  • Security experts: orphaned accounts?

The IAM Team attempted to report through its current IGA, Excel sheets or PowerBI. But this resulted in a large CTO for reporting (many people involved, lots of time wasted) and overly high cyber risks.