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Data-Driven Decision Making in IAM 📊

June 17, 2024

Identity and access management (IAM) presents a complex challenge in the digital era. IAM teams at large organizations struggle to answer the ever-growing IAM data questions. 


The Challenges?

❌ Failed audit findings around identity visibility

❌ Overwhelming number of IAM data questions from many different stakeholders (Audit, Security, Business, ...);

❌ The IGA itself provides basic and limited reporting, leading to manual work;

❌ Many systems are still not connected to IGA, as this is to costly


What To Expect?

✅ Identity Chaos: The main identity challenges

✅ Data-Driven Decision Making within IAM

✅ Case study: Fortune 500 financial industry leader's analytics journey


Your Hosts?

This webinar is hosted by Indigo Consulting - IAM experts renowned for its IAM expertise, alongside Elimity, the identity data analytics company.