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Identity Data: From Chaos to Visibility

March 25, 2024

Securing access to data and applications has become a cornerstone of any modern cybersecurity strategy.

User access governance projects however have a history of incurring multi-year roll-outs and requiring specialized personnel, making many companies shy away and bear excessive cyber risk.

What to Expect?

 ✅ Why Do Organizations Need Identity Visibility?

 ✅ 5 Tips to Achieve This Within Days

 ✅ Customer Story of Financial Institution


Your Hosts?

This webinar is hosted by Approach Cyber, a dedicated cybersecurity and privacy service provider, alongside Elimity, who developed the lightweight identity governance platform.

Both organizations encounter security leaders who are striving to manage user access but face various challenges. 

Therefore, they will provide you with expert insights and best practices within the field of identity governance.

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For more information, visit Approach at www.approach-cyber.com and Elimity at www.elimity.com.